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Craig Rosebraugh's Credits Include:

• "Firestarters" limited series (2023)

Executive Producer, Vice/ Pulse Films/ Grit Productions

• "Heval" feature documentary film (2021)

Producer, Sky Studios/ NBC Universal/Jupiter Entertainment/ Grit Productions

• “Peace Train” feature film (2020)

Producer, Grit Productions/ China Film Group


• “Gina’s Journey” feature documentary film (2017)

Co-Producer, Post-Production Consultant, Your Media 2


• “Surf Zone” feature documentary film (2016)

Writer, Splash Zone Productions


• “Wrenched” feature documentary film (2014)

Self, ML Lincoln Films


• “The War Room” (TV Series)(2013)

Self, Current TV


• “Greedy Lying Bastards” feature documentary film (2013)

Director, Producer, Co-writer, Post-Production Coordinator, One Earth Productions/ Warner Brothers/ Kaleidoscope


• "Two Americans" feature documentary film (2012)

Executive Producer, Daniel DeVivo and Valeria Fernandez


• “Focus Earth with Bob Woodruff” (TV Series)(2009)



• “Green with a Vengeance” feature documentary film (2001)

Self, Journeyman Pictures


• “Igniting the Revolution” documentary short (2001)



• “Harvest of Fear” Frontline/Nova feature documentary (2001)

Self, PBS


• “20/20” (TV Series)(04/21/2001)

Self, ABC News


• “60 Minutes” (TV series)(01/11/2001)

Self, CBS News


• “Today Show” (TV Series) (11/06/2000)

Self, NBC News

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