Can I send my script for your review and consideration?

No. We will not accept nor read any unsolicited scripts. If you wish to contact us regarding your script, please send a logline and synopsis only.


Are you able to help me obtain financing for my film?

We provide consulting services on all aspects of independent filmmaking, including financing. After reviewing your project, we would provide you with direction on how best to seek financing.


Do you ever act as Producer or Co-Producer on Films?

Yes, though we are incredibly selective. 


Can you help me get my film into the theaters?

We can advise you on a theatrical release and whether it is right for you project.


Are you able to find an agent for me?

While we commonly deal with talent agencies, we are not in the business of assisting with agent acquisition. 


What is your rate?

It varies according to the work performed and the project. We make every effort to work with a wide range of budgets with the goal being to allow independent filmmakers the ability to complete their projects successfully. 


Will you accept screen credit in lieu of consultant fees?

No. On occasion and depending on the project we may negotiate for credit and back end points for a lower rate.


I want to use a popular band’s song in my film. Can you help me?

Yes, we are experienced in music licensing.


There is an ‘A’-list celebrity who would be great for a role in my film. Can you help me contact them?

Yes. Though keep in mind just because you contact them doesn’t mean they are going to agree or even consider the offer. We can advise on what it will take to make a viable offer that gets considered.


I’m making a documentary film and want to contact a well known public figure for an interview. Can you assist with this?

Yes. Absolutely. We have a significant background in interviewee solicitation, from celebrities to high ranking politicians, heads of NGOs, leading scientists and members of the general public.


Can you help me with archival or stock footage and still image clearances for my film?

Yes. We have working relationships with a large number of stock and archival houses within the U.S. and internationally. We can assist in negotiating the best rate for the media and territory of your project.


Are you able to help me submit my film to film festivals?

Yes. We can assist you in developing a film festival strategy to increase your chances of being accepted at one of the top festivals in the world. We can additionally advise, based on your film and goals, the most effective festivals to enter.


Can you help me work with the unions and complete the union paperwork?

Yes, we are experienced in working with SAG-AFTRA, WGA, and DGA.


Can you help me find above and below the line crew for my film?

Yes. We have significant connections to the filmmaking industry in Los Angeles and New York, as well as in many cities across the U.S. and internationally.

Can you help me create a budget for my film?

Yes, we are experienced at creating budgets for a wide range of films.


Any other questions? Please contact us.